Body Worn Cameras

What is a Body Worn Camera?

A Body-Worn Camera (BWC) is a small device used to capture audio, video, and photographs of police officer interactions with community members. 

Who wears a BWC?

BWCs are assigned to every sworn officer employed by BRPD.

 How is a BWC Worn?

The BWC used by BRPD, the Axon Body 2, should be worn in such a manner to maximize the video capture angle and to prevent, to the extent possible, blockage of the camera by the uniform or equipment.

Sample BWC Footage

What happens to BWC Footage?

Once captured, BWC is stored on an encrypted cloud-based management system called 

What happens to BWC Footage?

BWC footage may be retrieved for a variety of reasons: 

Report Writing

Incident Recollection

Internal / External (community member) review

Court Proceedings

Want More Information? 
Check out publications from our funding source and other leaders in the field

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BWC Policy

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Report Misconduct

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